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Apex Synthesis / 3 of 3

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Artists Slobodan Zivic, Harald Björk and Fredrik Forrest together go under the pseudonym “3nigmVision”. This creative alliance’s very first collaboration and audiovisual experiment. The work titled “Apex Synthesis” is a hybrid intersection of visual art, sound composition and animation. “We are always in search of new expressions and visions. Creating artificial experiences that get realized into our physical life.” This work (“Apex Synthesis”) is a repetitive enigmatic soundscape of deep inner layers of earlier experiences and dreams. A play of trippy shadowy drone-like visual patterns and surfaces with stereotypical 90’s aesthetical influences. http://www.slobodanzivic.com https://haraldbjork.bandcamp.com https://www.studioforrest.se Format: mp4 1200x1200 
After purchase you’ll be able to download high bitrate mp4 and ProRes master

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