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Yellow Scorpio

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"Spacing, zoning, talkin' on the phone and My brain is roaming and I don't know where it's going Talking lots of shit a little tweaking on the weekend I've got to get him by the reigns because I know that I'm freaking Well, I'm a funky skull and I'm a scorpio" -Beastie Boys, Get it together. "Yellow Scorpio" was conceived in moon water on 22.2.22, then baptized in fairy dust and given acrylic love, and then… Kicked out of the nest! 🦂 Beware of the digital sting and embrace the digital freak flag! 🥰 (The original, physical canvas may be available as well to the first buyer - send me an offer at [email protected] - Acrylic paint, fairy dust, spray paint, moon water, marker, gold spray, and psychic energy on 60x60x3 cm stretched canvas)

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