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The Crowning of a God

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“Come! It's crowning”, they yelled! The birthing God-mother’s legs are visible behind it, with her 3 plump breasts, cascading milk. The milk is collected by the 3 muses standing in the background. To the left, a mysterious character runs into frame! The Father. The long Rubik’s Snake arms signify me trying to remain flexible and inventive, and the left arm is reaching out my melting heart - my soul and love - to the Newborn. And to the right - The Midwife of the Gods. NFT: 6,8 MB jpg 3955 × 3078 pixels (The original, physical canvas may be available as well - send me an offer at [email protected] - Acrylic paint, pen, marker on 81x65 cm stretched canvas)

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Created 9 months ago
by @Hrik